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About us


History of its Founding

The Christian Maternity Hospital was built in 1926 as a private hospital, but in 1946 it was nationalised and was owned by the municipality. Since 1994 it has been known as the Christian Maternity Hospital in the community.
H.E. Cardinal V.Sladkevičius took the initiative to have the hospital, where human life would be respected from the very beginning.The medical staff , comprised from different hospitals and holding strong pro-life values, expressed their wish to work there. This presented a big challenge, because the abortion law in Lithuania is very liberal. It allows abortions to be performed on demand till the 12th week in practically every hospital.
Today it has 22 beds in two departments – obstetrics and gynaecology, and its employees number 70. At present it is one of the most popular hospitals for women patients in the Kaunas area: each year about 800 babies are born and about 600 sophisticated gynaecological operations are performed here, but no abortions or sterilizations are performed.


To provide high level health care for any patient regardless of race, religion or social status.
To serve as a medical facility for various pro-life programs and initiatives.
To provide a place where a medical staff with a pro-life attitude can exercise their skills.


The hospital is not only involved in obstetrical care and gynaecological surgery, and in the defense of human beings from conception, but also in social projects.



  •  In 1996 – 1999 a project was carried out, together with Aiding Service of the Malta Order, Germany, known as “Food on Wheels”. It helped poor, single women who were pregnant and also those with new-borns. This project evolved into the “Crisis Pregnancy Program” of the Kaunas Archdiocese Family Centre. A team comprised of a social worker, psychologist and gynaecologist gives support to pregnant teenagers and women, who find themselves in crisis situations. Next door to the crisis pregnancy consultation room, is an office where gynaecologists volunteer from the Christian Maternity Hospital do their consultations.
  • The medical staff of the Christian Maternity Hospital conducts a pre-Catholic marriage program on “Family Life” for engaged couples They give lectures on marriage in the Family Centre and preparatory courses for birth on a voluntary basis.
  • The program “Know Yourself” is geared for teenagers so they can develop their communication skills and come to a better understanding of their own values, principles and sexuality. Teenagers from gymnasiums have a chance to become acquainted with the Christian Maternity Hospital, its patients and their babies. They also take part in discussions on life issues, and have pro-life video sessions.





  • Medical students, as well as those studying Social Work from local universities undergo practical training at the hospital.




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